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Language that Matters (LTM)
Language That Matters (LTM) is a Language Service Provider with offices in Scranton, PA and Miami, FL. We serve the entire states of Pennsylvania and Florida as well as the surrounding states.

We are proud to be a minority, woman-owned firm providing premium language services in over 150 languages and with experience working in a variety of industries. Our flexible and reliable team include Medical Interpretation certified personnel, Court Certified Legal Interpreters and Linguists with an Active Security Clearance.

Available 24 hours/day, our language services include on-site & over-the-phone interpretation, document translation & desktop publishing and transcription & linguistic analytical support. We serve private clinics, hospitals, medical offices, public school systems, county court systems, Social Security Services as well as marketing firms and multinational corporations.

With over 20 years’ experience and as the only Language Service Provider (LSP) in the Scranton, PA area, we have enjoyed long standing and successful relationships with law firms, local governments and their prime contractors throughout Florida, Georgia, Texas, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey.

You can trust LTM with all your language needs.

Our Services
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Onsite Medical & Healthcare Interpretation

For any medical service, lack of understanding the language can create confusion and can produce dangerous misunderstandings. Using an interpreter who is unfamiliar with medical terminology may lead to a wrong interpretation of the patient’s symptoms or doctors’ advice. Medical errors are less likely to occur with professional health care interpreters than with interpreters who don’t have special training. Certified medical interpreters assure effective and efficient communication and contribute to quality patient care.

Our Certified Medical Interpreters in Pennsylvania

We provide certified medical interpreters to all major cities and adjacent counties in the country.

Our team of professionals are certified with credentials in all languages and skilled in both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting. They interpret with meticulous precision and timeliness and are often available for emergency and last-minute onsite interpreting sessions. We follow all required HIPAA and other laws when managing sensitive information. Our interpreters have been certified by the Certification Commission for Health-care Interpreters (CCHI), follow strict codes of ethics and interpretation protocols and treat all information with the utmost confidentiality.

  • Certified Medical Interpreters
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Up-to-date on the latest Industry Regulations
  • Secure IT Infrastructure
Over The Phone Interpretation

Over-the-Phone Interpreting has grown because it is the cheaper and quicker way to solve any language barrier. Unlike on-site services, Over-the-Phone interpretation services are priced by the minute (not by the hour). Starting at $1.25 per minute, rates can decrease based on volume. We will not charge you a first minute connection fee or for three-way calling and you will be able to connect to an interpreter within 30-50 seconds.

LTM's Over-the-Phone Interpreting (OPI) Service is Easy, Fast and Stress-Free. Our advanced infrastructure and high-speed technology will allow you to be connected to a qualified interpreter within 1 minute. You pay as you go, with no contracts and no minimums. We have 150+ language combinations available to you 24/7

Our Language Lines are equipped with trained Interpreting staff that is capable and fully qualified to assist you and help your company bridge the gap. Our corteous and professional interpreters are HIPAA compliant and able to interpret for many industries such as medical, legal, financial, insurance, government and education.

We ensure the privacy of the conversations as well as your personal data and financial transactions.

You can make a call the moment you create an account. Please register your company here and you will be able to use our services immediately

You request additional information and rates per language pair, please fill in our Contact Form and one of our representatives will contact you promptly.

  • Over 50+ Languages
  • Industry Specialized Interpreters
  • No Minimum Charges, Pay-As-You-Go
  • Highly Competitive Rates
Government & Law Enforcement

LTM provides translation support to the Federal Government, local law enforcement and the Intelligence community. Our core expertise is translation, collection and transcription, interpretation of a varying number of communications intercepts and analytical support.

Our Analytical Linguists

Our team of highly skilled analytical linguists monitor foreign language communications and perform immediate verbal summaries. They manage material and resources at secret levels of SIGINT/HUMINT reporting and collecting operations while providing up-to-date intelligence documents and summary assessments. Our linguists can translate and transcribe either consecutively or simultaneously from one language to another. Our staff is committed to working with a professional code of ethics with confidentiality and neutrality and understands and complies with Court regulations concerning minimization procedures.

Our company holds an active System for Award Management (SAM) registration and you can read our Capability Statement here.

  • Linguists with Active Security Clearances
  • Native Level Language Proficiency (IRL 3/3/3)
  • Title III Wiretap Support
  • Intelligence Gathering and Analysis
Legal Translation & Interpretation

LTM holds contracts with licensed court interpreters for Pennsylvania Courts who are Federal, State or NAJIT certified. Our highly trained and qualified staff offer consecutive or simultaneous interpretations for jurors, defendants, witnesses and plaintiffs throughout all phases of deliberation. All legal documents are translated by professional linguists who can translate legal filings, immigration documents, police reports, court testimonies, etc.

Our Legal Interpreters

Our certified legal interpreters have ample knowledge of legal terms specific to their native tongue and are available to provide legal interpreting services for depositions and courtroom appearances. They are highly proficient in specialized terminology related to legal and criminal justice system and immigration procedures, particularly in regard to terminology used in Immigration Court hearings. They are knowledgeable in both English and target-language vocabularies typically used in formal, consultative and casual modes of communication, including colloquial slang and regionalisms. Each of these factors guarantee accurate legal translation.

  • Court Certified Linguists
  • Deposition and Courtroom Support
  • NAJIT Members
  • On-Site, OPI and Video Remote

Document Translation:

LTM translates all types of documents varying from medical records, government documents, legal filings, transcripts etc. All translation projects are done by professionals certified by the American Translators Association who have more than 20 years experience translating legal and medical documents and who work with CAT tools to facilitate their work. Documents are edited by a second translator to ensure accuracy. LTM also offers Subtitling, Closed Captioning and Desk Publishing services.


LTM has a dedicated team of Transcriptionists that offer fast and accurate Video and Audio transcription services for a variety of needs including Medical Transcription, Interviews, Legal Proceedings, Business Proceedings , Academic and Marketing materials. Our transcriptionists are trained at picking up subtleties like specific accents, dialects, speech patterns and unusual words and can convert your recorded audio, video and text files into any language required while managing a fast turnaround time. We accept several file formats.

Transportation Services:

We offer non-emergency transportation services escorting clients to and from court, interviews, depositions or to a healthcare facility. It is our goal to synchronize the clients' transportation and translation needs and get them the full assistance they need.. To request our non-emergency transportation service or to get a quote, please call: 1-800-660-6707 or email us at contact@languagethatmatters.com

Years Experience
Happy Customers
Succesful Projects
Quality Assurance

Our expert translators, proofreaders and linguists are the key to our success. Nevertheless , Quality Assurance is a key component in any translation project and we at LTM have developed streamlined processes of quality control for every translation, so that we can guarantee the delivery of excellent translations that exceed international standards while continuously improving the overall quality.

Our aim is to provide accurate translations that seem like they were originally written in the target language itself. A team of translators is carefully selected based on the area of expertise and content of your project. We assign a specific translator or group of translators for each project. This ensures that the quality of the work is consistent and that the final product reaches the client in the best possible condition.

Our linguists works with Trados, one of the most advanced CAT tools (Computer Assisted Translation) in the industry, allowing them to perform their work with maximum efficiency and precision.


The privacy of our client’s projects is of paramount importance to us. We have numerous safeguards in place to ensure the protection of our client's information and full confidentiality of every project we manage.

Our linguists adhere to strict confidentiality and impartiality clauses, follow security best practices and are monitored during every assignment to ensure compliance. They are required to undergo background checks and never discuss any work outside our LTM team.

All data is transmitted by secure means, via our fully encrypted portal that is used to send documents and packages outside of email. Any information submitted is treated as confidential and shall not be reproduced, disclosed or divulged.

"The support we got from LTM was the glue that kept the project team moving forward. Your Analytical Linguist stayed on top of our challenging monitoring duties and provided outstanding linguistic analysis. Her report writing was also invaluable to our agency."
Anonymous Special Agent
Estamos 100% contentos con un servicio rápido y profesional y todo a un precio competitivo. El equipo de LTM se ajustaron a nuestros criterios de urgencia y cumplieron con todo lo que prometieron de antemano. Infraestructura moderna, comunicación eficiente y espíritu de servicio al cliente. Recomendables.
Sandro Pinco (CEO)
4 Ignition
"The support we got from LTM was the glue that kept the project team moving forward. Your Analytical Linguist stayed on top of our challenging monitoring duties and provided outstanding linguistic analysis. Her report writing was also invaluable to our agency."
Anonymous Special Agent
Our Company

Language That Matters (LTM), DBA of Taravina LLC, is a Pennsylvania based woman & minority owned full service Language Service Provider that offers customized language solutions to government agencies and businesses nationwide providing translation, interpretation and transcription expertise. Blending years of industry experience and the highest standards of quality and accuracy control, we provide specialized linguistic and analytical services.

You can request a quote for any of our language services by calling our Toll Free Number: 1(800) 660-6707 or emailing us at: contact@languagethatmatters.com One of our Representatives will be happy to assist you.

In order to request any of our services, we kindly ask you to register your company through this link. As soon as you sign up you will receive your Client Code. With this code, you will be able to start making use of our Language Services right away!

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